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1.1 Personal Training 

In-Person or Virtual

  • Establish a positive relationship with movement & body image  

  • Embrace a restorative, sustainable approach to nutrition & gut optimization 

  • Manage food sensitivities & food triggers with confidence & control

  • Increase strength, endurance, mobility & stability 

  • Decrease stress & improve body composition

  • Establish consistency & long-term behavioral change

In-Person Locations:
Chamblee: 3580 Pierce Dr Suite 180, Atlanta, GA 30341
Decatur:  1 W Ct Square #100, Decatur, GA 30030

Assisted Stretch

In-Person - Atlanta, GA

  • Increase flexibility & mobility

  • Reduce stress & tension in the body

  • Decrease your risk of injury during exercise & daily life

  • Improve exercise form &  muscle imbalances 

Location: 3580 Pierce Dr Suite 180, Atlanta, GA 30341
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Mindful Movement Workshops

  • Add an interactive component to your wellness event

  • Establish community through movement in your office or practice

  • Increase mind-body connection & body awareness both individually & as a team

  • Help clients or employees feel the benefits of adding more movement into daily life

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